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The Patient Preferred Physicians (PPP) SELECTION PROCESS

The selection process for PPP requires 7-steps designed to identify healthcare professionals who have received patient recognition and professional achievement.  PPP has a selective listing of well-reputed doctors, representing the best in patient care.

Step one:

  • Each year PPP invites physicians, colleagues and patients to nominate doctors and healthcare professionals they know to be exceptional in their specified field.


Step two:

  • Our research staff also combs through medical databases, online sources, and publications for doctors, searching for physicians who have met our required credentials, honors or professional achievements. 

We evaluate candidates on 7 professional indicators of recognition and professional achievement.

  • Years of Experience

  • Academic Background

  • Board Certifications

  • Leadership Positions

  • Key Note Lectures & Presentations

  • Research, Publications

  • Recent Honors and Awards

The Preferred Physicians list is comprised of less than 5% of the physicians within the respective state or region.

  • Each healthcare professional verified via our staff representatives, who confirm their professional information. 

  • Our research staff also verifies various online reviews, and seeks out those with positive patient feed back.

Patient Preferred Physicians reserves the right to remove candidates and selectees if we determine that they do not meet eligibility, research, and review criteria.

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