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Patient Preferred Physicians and Practitioners is an organization, which selects well-reputed, patient-approved healthcare workers who are providing exceptional healthcare in their field.

Selected providers are comprised of practitioners in medicine, dentistry, radiology, nursing, optometry, pharmacy, psychology & other health professions. These experts are highlighted in their shared objective to maintain & improve the physical & mental health of their patients.

At the Patient Preferred organization, all of our chosen practitioners are a step above the rest. They have been patient-reviewed, rated, and invested in their practice. Qualifying Patient Preferred members are highlighted in nationwide search engines that optimize their practice and services through a number of specially designed branding options to successfully gain exposure to future patients while sustaining present patient satisfaction.


We comb through all genres of medicine including Surgery, Neurology, Orthopedic, Pediatric, Cardiology, Radiology, Internal/Family, Psychiatry, Emergency Medicine, and many more to ensure an accountable range of patient reviewed and patient preferred physicians for those searching for the best in healthcare.



Patient Preferred employees are a dynamic group of branding specialists, public relations liaisons, journalists and marketing professionals all with decades of experience in their respective fields. Both doctor and patient advocates, the staff at PPP aims to highlight the best of the best in healthcare to individuals nationwide and in Canada. The exposure we provide brings awareness of our members' expertise, education, services, and location. 

Patient Preferred continually receives five-star ratings from its members and has been noted as one of the best branding companies nationwide. "My experience with  PPP services, benefits, and representatives has yielded my patients praise for 5-Star approval ratings that they happily agree," read a Patient Preferred Oncologist's review. 

"A wonderful platform of connectivity and online presence," said a Patient Preferred Internist from Florida. "[PPP] gives creditability, exposure, marketing... spread your mission statement."  See our Testimonial Page for more wonderful reviews!

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