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Laughter Yoga

Preferred Professional
Dana Kaplan explains
Laughter Yoga and its
Health Benefits 

IV Hydration Therapy for Immune System

Preferred Professional
Dr. Tijo Thomas says
IV Hydration good for Immune System, PMS, Cancer Recovery  

Dr. William Novick, MD

Patient Preferred Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon
Dr. William Novick Saving Tiny Hearts in War-Torn Countries

Kimberly Meredith

Preferred Professional Kimberly Meredith Shares Medial Intuitive and New Book

Preferred Health Magazine

Patient Preferred Attends
PHM Magazine Launch in NYC

Video Gaming Communities

Preferred Publisher,
Angelina Cappiello of Preferred Health Magazine spotlights Video Gaming and Mental Health on WPIX11 NEWS

Dr. Patricia Broderick

Dr. Patricia Broderick Explains the Benefits of her invention,
"The Broderick Probe"

DrRimma Finkel Podcast Premiere.png

"Patient Preferred Presents"
Interview with
Dr. Rimma Finkel, MD

Dr. Sharona Ross, MD

"Preferred Health Magazine:
Best In Medicine"
Interview with
Dr. Sharona Ross, MD


"Patient Preferred Presents"
Podcast Show

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