The O-Shot For Better Sex!


Women do not reach orgasm as often as men do. In fact, a 2014 survey by the Journal of Sexual Medicine reported that “out of 3,000 men and women—men orgasmed 84% of the time they had sex, while women only orgasmed 63% of the time.” 


Now what if there was a treatment that could help you orgasm more often, would you get it? 

According to Shanna Amoroso, a nurse practitioner from The Lumen Center in Pennsylvania, women who have received their appropriately named “O-Shot” treatment have been getting their groove back, some experiencing orgasm for the first time!  


“I have patients who are in their late 40s and have never had an orgasm, which breaks my heart,” Amoroso said. “I also have patients that have to try so hard to prepare themselves for orgasm. The physical aspect of the O-Shot gives them the confidence by improving sensation, which in turn also helps increase their libido.” 


According to studies, the O-Shot treatment has an 80% efficacy rate, which is pretty promising for women who find themselves with a 0% chance of orgasm. 



So how does it work? 


First, blood is drawn and put through a centrifuge to get the Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP, the area is numbed topically and with a lidocaine injection, and then it is injected with a tiny needle into the clitoris and anterior vaginal wall. 


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is not a new concept and is often used by orthopedic doctors to help restore injured muscles and tendons as well as aesthetic practitioners who use PRP for collagen production in the skin. Rich in growth factors and bioactive proteins, PRP releases into the area of treatment to help restore cellular regeneration by attracting stem cells. 


Designer, investigator, and inventor, Charles Runels, MD, first introduced the PRP to the world with the Vampire Facelift ® on April 20, 2011. Now, using that same technology, the Orgasm Shot™ (O Shot®) is a great non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatment helping women enhance their sex drive and achieve orgasm. By injecting PRP into these areas, it can create lubrication, regenerate and repair the tissues and nerves that are causing weakened orgasms. The treatment is said to strengthen tissue, enhance clitoral stimulations, and strengthen the ability to hold in urine in 4-6 weeks with results lasting as long as 1-2 years. “The nice thing is this idea that it’s not surgical and it’s your own blood product injected into you,” Amoroso explained. “The perks of it being your blood product is that there’s no risk of negative side effects.”


Patients are said to feel little to no pain from the treatment and may resume normal activities the same day, sex included! And for a little bonus, due to the injection and the vaginal absorption process swelling may initially occur - heightening sensitivity within the first 24-48 hours, a great time to test out the treatment - if you know what I mean.    



The O-Shot promises to:

· Heighten a woman’s ability to achieve orgasm

· Tighten the vaginal opening

· Increase libido (sex drive)

· Decrease painful intercourse from vaginal dryness

· Reduce stress and urinary incontinence

· Reduces chronic pain from episiotomy scars, mesh, and interstitial cystitis

The O-Shot may also treat sexual disorders such as Dyspareunia, Female Orgasmic Disorder, Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder, and Female Sexual Arousal Disorder. It also can be used to help treat Lichen Sclerosus and/or Planus.


Are you a good candidate for the O-Shot?


An adult woman with little to no vaginal sensitivity, post-menopausal, experiencing vaginal dryness, and/or if you are concerned about urinary incontinence are considered to be perfect candidates for this procedure.   


Most of Amoroso’s patients range from 40-60 years-old and are mostly concerned about a lack of sensitivity and incontinence - with lubrication also being a problem for post-menopausal women. “I’ve had a patient who was in her 60s and wearing diapers at one point,” Amoroso said. “Now, she doesn’t have to wear diapers anymore. It’s mind-blowing.” 


Amoroso said patients seeking treatment for one problem may find themselves solving another. “They may come in for urinary incontinence, but I will say I’ve never had anybody opt-out of getting the O-Shot for vaginal stimulation,” she added. “It’s a confidence builder – especially for our patients who have a hard time reaching orgasm. Now they have this sensation, they become more interested, and that’s how it helps with libido,” she explained.


One patient said getting the O-shot was the best investment she ever made for herself.

“I can say that there is a definite improvement with increased sensation during sex and no more painful intercourse,’” said Liz, a happy patient of Amoroso. “I never had issues with dryness or reaching orgasm, but it has given me extra benefits in those areas as well. Overall I'm happy with my decision.”


To find out if the O-shot is right for you, visit The Lumen Center at https://lumenlasercenter.com or call 610.525.0606.