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Mindie Barnett

PR Guru Mindie Barnett 


Dr. Robi Ludwig

Contradicting long-ingrained beliefs, Robi Ludwig draws on myth-busting data from scientific research and on her experience as a therapist to show midlife is not the beginning of our decline—it is actually a time to pursue our dreams


Mindie Barnett

Longing for the life she's dreamed of, Publicist Mindie Barnett takes you on her personal journey of self discovery, acceptance and making your mark on the world.

Nada Nasserdeen

Motivational & Leadership coach

Nada Nasserdeen  new book "Closing the Gap Between You and Your Potential" 


Dr. Pamela Mills

A one of a kind adaptation highlighting the importance of pets, the art of living, entertaining and making a difference. 


Dr. Deepak Chopra

Is it possible to venture beyond daily living and experience heightened states of awareness? In his latest book, Deepak Chopra says that higher consciousness is available here and now.

Dr. Rimma Finkel

Download your FREE copy:

The Complete Guide to Understanding Breast Reconstruction

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Dr. Lisa Herbert

Lisa Herbert understands that a working mom’s biggest challenge is finding the time to care for both her family and herself. That’s why after experiencing burnout due to these same demands, she’s written this guide to help you find more time for yourself and your loved ones, strengthen your relationships, beat exhaustion, and ask for what you need at work and home.  

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